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Paddle Board Networking – 18 July 2018

Paddle Board Networking - 18 August 2018

Here at SMASH:CLUB we’re always looking for new, bold and exciting ways to bring people together, spark collaborations and enhance connections. So when the idea of taking a handful of business owners and shoving them in Poole Harbour attached to a Paddle Board bounced around the office we were naturally all over it and keen to call it Paddle Board Networking! 

Wednesday just gone, the 18th July saw our first in a series of Paddle Board Network events, reluctant at first our entrepreneurs gathered and gossiped before taking to get ready, sign the obligatory insurance forms and stand poised for Ben’s Paddle Boarding 101 crash course and safety briefing.

Like knights from any battle scene movie, we lined up, clutching the paddles, thrusting them in the air, squabbling over which steed looks most buoyant then charged the water.

For a short while we stayed to the shallows, building up confidence on our knees, but as the courage soon grew we each found ourselves going for the stand, desperately hoping not to re-enact a Bambi on ice moment! For the majority we had made it! A victory short lived, though we all survived Jetty Limbo by the end of Tour De Boats everyone bar Alison and Callan had taken a dip or two through shaky knees, over confidence or light hearted sabotage.

After a couple of hours out on the boards we retreated back inland, tucked into a hefty melon, packed down and dried off before taking time to laugh, joke and be social enjoying the finest Baffi Pizzas and Sunset over Poole Harbour.

Over all it was a great first event connecting a wide variety of professionals, Serieal Entrepreneurs, Graphic Designers, Communications and Tech Specialists, Web Developers, Investors, International Traders and Property Experts.

If a spot of Paddle Board Networking is the kind of informal networking you’ve been looking for, be sure to scroll down and check out our other dates throughout summer.

Chris Palmer - Any Tech Solutions


We’ve got just 4 more dates though the summer months where you can get involved, take to a board and get networking, 26th July, 9th August, 22nd August and 13th September.
Click on the links below to find out more.

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