SMASH:Club can put your business, product or service in front of THOUSANDS of UK Business Owners.
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About Smash Club


SMASH:Club is a rapidly growing Business Community set on bringing connections together, whether it be member to member, member to partner or partner to partner, collaboration and growth is our goal!

With the SMASH:Club network we can place your business, product or service in front of thousands of UK business owners with a no cost, no strings attached approach. We simply ask for you to give something back to our members, be that upgrades, discounts, other rewards or incentives, thats up to you.

Using social media, email campaigns, events, sponsorship, advertisement and the member only platforms we’ll give your brand big coverage in and outside of our community whilst maintaining the utmost discretion around any member only exclusives.

About Smash Club
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Our SMASH:Club members are a select bunch of innovative, passionate, inspirational and devoted business owners always hungry to try new things, push forward and discover.

We’ve spent a fair bit of time getting to know our members, their likes, dislikes, motivations, commitments, passions, aspirations and much more, not only so that we could we offer the best level of service, but to also ensure they receive a tailored experience knowing we’ve connecting them with the right partners.


SMASH:Club partners are a unique collection of businesses offering exceptional services, ground breaking products and are driven to engage with customers in a new and exciting way.

We work with our partners to fully understand their product, services and goals before putting them to our community, this enables us to fully tailor any presentation, event and marketing to aid conversion and reflect your goals.

As with our members we are also fairly selective on partners, ensuring there is a need of service, no conflict and an ethical fit with our community, so that we can ensure the best results and relationships.


A partnership with SMASH:Club will boost your brand presence, not only within our growing community, currently around 4500 members, but also to our wider connections, around 56000 on our mailing/newsletters and thousands more across most social media platforms. And our reach doesn’t stop there with SMASH:Club active in many communities both ourselves and our partners are also displayed in expo’s, awards, sponsorships, charity events, local and national papers.

As SMASH:Club is funded by its member subscriptions and we don’t ask for a cut, commission or cost from our partners, just something back to the members, we’ve created a reverse marketing effect where we can improve your conversion bring you more customers as our members want to hear about your products, your news, they want to buy from you.


We have big plans, the SMASH:Club community had grown so rapidly our early days systems struggled and we didn’t have the capacity to match expansion, but this has changed. Our team has grown, our systems altered and we’re ready for a launch with a new App based platform. The App will offer greater connections, conversion, customer experience whilst expanding with the community allowing us to develop new features and idea’s to push things further.


We launch in June with a new system for bringing connections together, displaying your brand, news and products right at everyones fingertips, back pocket and nightstand.


Later this year we’ll be announcing the introduction of SMASH:Awards, a national awards series celebrating our members, partners, passionate, innovative, different and bold!


Our concierge system tailored for members and partners to get the most out of SMASH:Club, from helping with hotel and car hire, to finding a service, trade, connection or just about anything really.


We’re quite proud of the membership cards, the feel, the weight the noise as you throw it down on a desk, so we’re currently working on bringing it more features, more reasons to get it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Become A Partner?

The long and short of it is, we aim to promote your company, brand, product or service to thousands of UK business owners, for FREE, no tie ins no catches.

Will Discounts Damage My Brand?

No, they shouldn’t. We ensure all rewards and incentives are kept exclusively for our members, any marketing or brand association outside of our community will never divulge or reveal member only benefits.

Is There Really Nothing To Pay?

Nope, No Fees, commission or charges here. The only cost you’ll have is any member incentives offered during or after their purchase.

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

You are free to end the partnership or amend a promotion at any time, we just ask for a 30 day heads up.

Can I List Any Type Of Business?

Yeah, pretty much providing it doesn’t conflict with any existing partner or go against our ethos, and of course we do our homework on every new partner to ensure they’ll be well received and suitable for our platform.

Do You Offer Other Services?

We don’t have any Go Pro, SMASH:Club+ type upgrades within SMASH:Club as we like to promote our partners equally. But as part of the SMASH group our sister companies can offer a large selection of separate services to help your business grow.

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If a SMASH:Club partnership is right for you, you’ll need to complete the partnership application below to get things rolling, once we’ve received that we’ll be in touch with the agreement and begin getting to know each other ready for welcoming you to the community and putting you forward to our members.

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